Technology solutions don’t have to be costly or complicated. Binnacle’s unique streamlined service model allows for enterprise functionality at small business pricing, providing you with the most advanced features to maximize your potential.

Flat Rate Pricing 

Predictable pricing ensures a consistent and secure experience for all of your employees across all of their primary devices, and lets you easily budget for growth.


We provide high quality equipment and the standard applications you need to get your job done, and then we constantly monitor it to make sure it’s meeting your needs.


Your data is protected whether it’s in your office or in the cloud. We plan for disaster to ensure that your business can be back up and running as soon as possible when the unthinkable happens.

Whether you need regulatory compliance or just to sleep easy, our solution stack is built with industry leaders who set the security bar.


Call or email all you want, we’re ready to jump in to help at any moment. Let Binnacle deal with your vendors on your behalf, further freeing you to focus on your business. We will meet with you on a quarterly basis to learn how your business is changing, and how we can grow together.

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