Controlling Outlook Notifications on Windows 10

Windows 10 organizes notifications from applications into the Notification Center. The notifications for new email can get overwhelming since they aren’t dismissed once email has been read.

To keep on top of this, Microsoft allows control over which applications feed into the Notification Center. If you’re feeling overly nagged, here’s how to turn that off:

  1. Click on Start and type “Notification,” you’ll notice that even before you’ve completed the word, your top listing should be Notifications & actions settings.
  2. In Notifications & actions, scroll down to Get notifications from these senders, and click on Outlook.
  3. In this section, disable Show notifications in action center. You will still receive the traditional notification when a new message arrives, but will no longer need to act on each one. If you’d like to disable even the ‘toast pop-up’ notifications, disable Show notification banners.